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About Us

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Company Background

VAMC Group (herein after referred to as VAMC) is a corporate secretarial, auditing, accounting, tax consultancy and advisory services firm that strives to provide highest quality service to its clients. VAMC was established in 2002 with the associated partners and professional staff come with a diversified experience from well reputed audit firms and industry.

VAMC is led by its founders, Datuk Khoo Teck Kee and Mr. Raymond Tan Chee Luen who are a fellow member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants. Datuk Khoo Teck Kee who previously came from one of the Big Four accounting firms, namely KPMG, leaded the audit of some of the listed and multinational companies includes Nestle Group, ICI Paints Group, OYL Group, KUB Group and mainly others KLSE listed companies in Malaysia.

Mr. Raymond Tan has more than 20 years' experience in corporate financing and was previously the SEA Regional Finance Manager of a multinational company, OYL Bhd. In 2002, they started their own practice under the name and style of Venture Ace Management Consultancy.

In 2007, Mr. Au Kai Loong joined VAMC as audit Partner. Mr. Au has more than 20 years' experience with 12 years audit experience from two of the Big Four accounting firms, namely PWC and KPMG, leaded the audit of listed companies includes Toyochem Group, Aokam Perdana Group, Furniweb Group and other multinational companies in Malaysia.

During 2009, Ms Eng Lai Hing promoted as partners. Ms Eng joined VAMC since 2004 having more than 14 years' experience in accounting, auditing and taxation and is a member of Malaysia Institute of Accountants.

In addition to above, VAMC has 3 Malaysia Branches + 1 Indonesia Branch with more than 90 strong support staff comprising of CA, ACCA and post graduate students that have expertise in various disciplines and have varied experience.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide quality, innovative, responsible and cost effective services to strengthen the relationship with our clients. We exceed our clients' expectations in their endeavors to realize new opportunities and meet new challenges by leveraging our knowledge base, abilities of our people and access to all available resources to deliver best client service.

Considering the overall dynamics of economic environment of nowadays, the importance of quality service from professional service providers has increased many folds. VAMC takes this as a challenge on behalf of its clients and is always there to be a front line company secretary, auditor, accountant, advisor and consultant.

Following values are integral part of VAMC's professional culture that is strictly followed in letter and spirit:

  • Business needs and interests of client
  • Client confidentiality
  • Ethical business practices
  • Honesty and integrity