Our profile & background

Our Vision
To be an international market leader in providing one-stop-integrated service in the region.

Our Mission
To provide quality, innovative, responsible and cost effective services to strengthen the relationship with our clients. Our services rely on integrity, trust and honor. These values form the foundation for always doing the right thing and for sustaining the public trust and fulfilling client obligations to ensure long-term partnership with our clients.

Company Background
VAMC Group was founded in 2002 and has since become a leading firm in management services. We are proud of being a one-stop in-house solution services provider for all industries in the region.

With our experience and caliber personnel, VAMC Group is able to provide clients with the most efficient and reliable services in order to meet the ever-increasing demands. We are ready to provide highest standards of professional services and support to our clients to reduce their operational cost, mitigate risk, grasp opportunities and enhance control in their daily operation.